These websites have swathes of data

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Machine Learning and Data Science amount to very little without data. Let’s not get bogged down as to whether the data is ‘perfect’ or right for your problem, let’s rather focus on if you have a problem, where can you begin to look?

Data takes a lot of time to collect and it can be imperative to understanding basic concepts like what you know and what you don’t know. The great thing about Data and Statistics is that the intersection allows you to infer: where you can say ‘If X happens, Y is likely to happen’.

In industry, it helps…

Inspirational Open Sourced Projects

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The online community for coders is one of the warmest communities out there. The advocation for open-source projects, along with the support which goes with it is jaw dropping, and for that, people who work on these public repo’s are real gems.

Coding standards and requirements have changed so much over the past 20 years. The earlier languages (like C++, HTML) were notoriously difficult and painful to learn but recent languages have made development so much easier and with that, lowering the barrier to entry to great projects.

We see below that some insane tech is now just…open…and free…with no…

Data Scientists using R should have switched a while ago

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Every now and then, I get into a discussion with a Data Scientist who I just disagree with.

Be it something methodological or be it something thematic — different people have different approaches and sometimes, just sometimes, I’m definitely right.

R is a fantastic piece of software, there’s no denying that. However it’s limited by a lack of features and things that don’t evolve generally get replaced through time. If they do improve, the libraries utilised are often specialised and fragmented which can also result with dependency issues.

In what follows, I’ll go over 8 reasons why I chose to…

You’ve really got me going…

2021 has started aggressively.

Don’t mention the new President.

Don’t mention the new variants of Coronavirus.

Don’t mention the r/WSB debacle and all of Twitter getting ‘Gamestopped’ — the noise goes on and on.

The amazing thing about coding is that the software we create is often at the centre of activity, but, we rarely directly intervene with our own will.

We aim to create platforms and systems that are robust and work under all conditions, and when crazy things begin to happen all around us (i.e. when a website we’ve made goes viral), sometimes our projects can morph into bigger things. …

It’s easier than ever to use SOTA AI Models

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NLP is a pretty big deal but one of the biggest hinderances, or barriers to entry into the space, is the very high bar in itself. NLP is both a difficult subject to understand, but also the hardware requirements to train the models are also very high.

Hugging Face is a Start-up aim’s to democratise AI and to me, they’re doing exactly that. Essentially, they allow you to build, train and deploy AI models and it’s being used widely across industries. With clients like Microsoft, Google and Grammarly, they must be doing something right? Moreover, it allows users to host…

Calorie Deficit and Increased Exercise

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Please don’t take any of this for the god’s truth. I’ve been exercising for a while but I have no professional qualifications in nutrition or fitness. Yes I’ve played sport fairly competitively and have spoken to dieticians/nutritionists/physiotherapists extensively, but that’s all personal. The below advice works for me really well, but it may not work for you. In any case, speak to a professional.

I’ve been working from home since March 13 2020.

Yes, that’s been over 10 months.

On the whole it’s been OK but it’s been challenging for sure. …

Data Science

How to schedule data tasks to build deployable and scalable applications

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I’m inquisitive and curious. I want to build tools that customers can use and benefit from. Deployment has always been a tough subject for me because, as far as I can remember, I’ve tried to learn how to make websites, or iPhone applications, or Android applications, but nothing really stuck.

Only until I learned how to deploy Streamlit on Heroku could I actually begin to deploy real projects and actually have potential customers take a look and tell me whether or not they liked the idea. …

Begin as you mean to go on and go on as you began

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Activity on Github falls off over the course of holidays as everyone is busy with family but still, coders don’t sleep. We manage to think of problems in the middle of the night and write it down hoping we don’t forget it in the morning.

Github is a phenomenal place as its like stepping into the mind of inquisitive people and seeing the problems they see and the solutions they dream. Its not a perfect land, but when society converges in trying to fix a certain problem, you can see what’s going on.

The following are some of the top…

How data helps to shape our future

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For those of us with a slight inclination about mathematics and statistics, climate change is measurable and as such, it’s been proven to be very real.

Yes, the boundaries within which climate change occurs can be blurry but when we look at the concentration of CO2 in the air, or when we look at the rates of deforestation, we are acutely aware of how bad the environment is changing.

Over the centuries, we’ve polluted and misused Natural Resources which is bringing about grave consequences. …

Mohammad Ahmad


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